Friday, September 30, 2011

SMASH 2011

Recently, I had the pleasure of giving a talk at the SMASH 2011 conference in Chamonix, France. For me it was a very important moment because this was the first time I have attended a conference both as a scientist and entrepreneur. It was also the introduction into society of Vis Magnetica, an NMR consulting company based in Montevideo, Uruguay. This last point is not a minor one, Uruguay seems to most people the most unlikely place to set up an NMR business. Where others see liabilities, I see opportunities.

The talk I gave was about the generation of negative control structures, in an automated way, to be used in Automated Structure Verification (ASV), a topic that I will discuss in more detail in following posts. For now you can take a look at the presentation here.

In the future, I plan to grow this site into a kind of playground for the mind, where you will be able to test out these algorithms, and share ideas to solve some of the most difficult problems that NMR is facing today.