Scientific Consulting

We offer consulting services in the areas of NMR industrial applications, chemometric applications, chemoinformatics, scientific software development and information management.

We cover a large number of industries like petroleum and petrochemical, food and agriculture, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, cannabis, to name a few.

Analytical Services

We offer the whole range of analytical services from sample purification to structure elucidation and impurity quantification.

Quantitative NMR (qNMR) is the best solution for purity assessment of pharmaceutical ingredients, raw materials as well as final products.

NMR Instrumentation

We have strategic aliances with instrument manufacturers and resellers to offer you the whole range of NMR instrumentation, from low-field time domain to high-field superconducting magnets.

This in turn, allows us to integrate our in-house developed applications with specific instrumentation and processing software to bring comprehensive solutions to complex analytical problems.